My Projects

Steel Division 2 : Burning Baltic DLC

Burning Baltic

Burning Baltic is a Dlc For Steel Division 2, adding to the game a brand new campaign focused on the Operation Doppelkopf in august 1944.
I worked on this project as a Game Designer tasked with creating the IA of the campaign
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Dwarfen Ale

Dwarfen Ale is an Arcade game where you are a Dwarf Brewer brewing beer and serving Client. I was the Lead Game Designer of the project.
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Peace of Minds

Peace of Mind is a Point-and-Click who have been designed to spread the IHR (International Humanitarian Law) . I worked on this Project as Developer, Narrative Designer and Level Designer.

Peace of Mind is the Result of a Student contest hosted by the Red Cross that my team won.


GridBox is a Stealth game with a little puzzle dimension. I worked on this project as Lead Game Designer.

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Yum Yum Oishii

Yum Yum is race plateformer Game in 1v1. I worked on this Game as Lead Developer
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GN Red Dawn

Red Dawn is a LARP (Live action role play). I work on Red Dawn as Game Designer and Organiser. Red Dawn is a LARP based on an alternative Time line where the actual world is control by the Otan on one side and the URSS on the other.

Three Session have already been play and a fourth is in preparation. I worked has a project Manager for the second and Fourth session.
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